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About Austin Motors

Would you like an auto expert to inspect and purchase your next vehicle for you?

Ted Smith at Austin Motors is your personal wholesale auto locating and buying expert. A proven reliable resource for delivering exceptional vehicles at low wholesale costs plus a small commission.

Need a good Vehicle now?

Austin Motors carries a wide variety of reconditioned vehicles (most under $6,000) for immediate delivery to serve those wanting to spend less or those who have an unexpected need for reliable transportation.

Austin Motors

Ted Smith got involved in the car business over 35 years ago when he began detailing cars for his family business at just 8 years old. This has been a lifelong passion for Ted ever since. With expert guidance and training Ted bought, reconditioned, and later sold a number of vehicles long before he reached legal driving age.

Many years ago Ted saw an opportunity and was motivated to provide a better auto buying experience by developing a better auto dealership. What started out as buying vehicles wholesale for family and friends, has turned into a full service dealership serving a growing list of new and regular customers.

  • Pickup
  • 4-Runner
  • Corolla
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Corolla
  • Bonneville